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Chrystel Lebas


Risnjak National Park, Croatia,
Forests are considered by Bettleheim, in his discussion on the Grimm Brothers’ tale, as a place were we go to test ourselves, as a transitional space were the protagonist must enter to finally emerge in a modified state.
In Croatia and specifically in Risnjak National Park Chrystel Lebas has tested herself, going deeper and deeper into the forest that is still very much in its original state, compare to the ones in western part of Europe:
Potentially dangerous large animals are present; Bears, stags, Wolfs and lynx are there to remind us of nature’s original functions hence questioning man’s relationship with the natural environment and how do we respond to wilderness.

Looking at the National park possible animals activities without actually recording the animals but their presence and their traces in the land.
Photographs and films are produced in parallel, the one hour film shot in real time and at twilight shows the Kupa source in one ethereal frame, the viewer will be experiencing real time as it unfold.

Chromogenic prints from colour negatives, variable sizes

Presence-Untitled 30-Risnjak-Kupa-2010 Presence-Untitled 29-Risnjak-Kupa-2010 Presence-Untitled 6-Risnjak-Kupa-2009 Presence-Untitled 9-Risnjak-Kupa-2009  
Presence- Untitled 27- Risnjak - Kupa- 2010 Presence- Untitled 20 - Risnjak - Kupa- 2009 Presence- Untitled 21 - Risnjak - Kupa- 2009 Presence- Untitled 36- Risnjak - Kupa- 2010  
Presence - Untitled 18 -
Risnjak-Kupa- 2009
Presence - Untitled 1 -
Risnjak-Lazac- 2009
Presence - Untitled 14 -
Risnjak-Bear path-2009
Presence - Untitled 12 -
Risnjak-Bear path- 2009
Presence - Untitled 31 - Risnjak-lazac- 2010 Presence - Untitled 32 - Risnjak-lazac- 2010 Presence - Untitled 33- Risnjak-lazac- 2010 Presence - Untitled 34- Risnjak-lazac- 2010  
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