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Chrystel Lebas


The Wait 2007
The animal’s traces were already observed and suggested in Between Dog and Wolf,
in more recent works I am touching directly upon the dichotomy that forests offers and the rapport human versus animal in nature.
Continuing to take photographs at dusk, this time I am ‘shooting’ from a high vantage point, from viewing platforms or high seats
that are commonly utilized for deer hunting in the Rockingham forest, in the Midlands(UK).
A hide is usually built to enable a hunter to observe nature, it offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the surroundings and in this particular forest
is placed in an area cleared of trees to create four alleys or viewing angles.
The panoramic camera is positioned inside the hide at 3-4 meters above ground level and looking at the canopy of Trees.
The camera records this particular moment of action or non-action from each one of the sides of the high seats.

Chromogenic prints from colour negatives, 86 x 200 cm

The Wait - Cockendale Wood South - 2007 The Wait - Cockendale Wood West - 2007 The Wait - Cockendale Wood North - 2007 The Wait - Cockendale Wood East - 2007  
The Wait - Blackthorns South - 2007 The Wait - Blackthorns West - 2007 The Wait - Blackthorns north - 2007 The Wait - Blackthorns east - 2007  
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