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Chrystel Lebas


Night 2 1996
The intense darkness of these images focuses on starless nights, into which we may sink without any sense of distance, any sense of time,
a night when time seems to have stopped. In this obscurity, the viewer loses all sense of reality, the sense of vision diminishes and, in reverse,
the sense of touch and hearing intensify.

The pictures here were taken at dusk, in the twilight zone, with exposures ranging from 2-4 hours and using a pinhole camera.
These meditative and inviting images have been printed on a large scale to allow the viewer to enter and become absorbed by their dark space,
from which the details emerge only gradually.

Gelatin Silver prints from Black & White Pinhole negatives, 80 x 100 cm


Night 2 - Ireland 1 - 1998 Night 2 - Ireland 2 - 1998 Night 2 - Cornwall 2 - 1998 Night 2 - Spain 1 - 1999    
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