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Chrystel Lebas


Night 1 1996
Each series offers various types of travel to the viewer.
Travel through space in search of a specific location; travel of the mind through sleep; time-travel involving
a set period of time from point A to point B: from nightfall to daybreak, or from the start of a journey to the final destination.

Taken from a rooftop in the middle of the city, this series evokes contemplation of the night and the intimate relationship between interior and exterior spaces.
The roofs form an island which allows the viewer to distance himself from the scene, and to observe the untouchable city.

Long exposures taken with a large-format camera record traces of the movement of the moon, stars and aeroplanes, giving to this nocturnal space a sense of
human appropriation of the sky and landscape. Exposures of 30 minutes, during which time I had to stay next to the camera, gave me the opportunity
to contemplate this dark city and the intimacy of its windows of light. In the dark, nearly black foreground of these photographs,
the viewer can discover a few human traces: washing-lines and gardens.

Gelatin Silver prints from Black & White negatives, 40 x 50 cm


Night 1 - Untitled 13 - London -1998 Night 1 - Untitled 16 - London -1998 Night 1 - Untitled 11- London -1998 Night 1 - Untitled 15 - London -1998    
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