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Chrystel Lebas


Hidden Nature 2007- 08
Walking alone in the forest recording close up scenes or tableaux, I attempted to reveal the hidden side of nature,
the nature we have glorified forgetting its real harshness and purpose, questioning man’s relationship with the natural environment and man’s response to a lost wilderness.
The Photographs are taken with a medium format camera, instead of showing wide expense of space, here we are looking close-up at the subject, scrutinizing it.

‘Photographing in natural environments in twilight, or at dusk, Lebas effectively exploits the mystical and mysterious elements that haunt places on the verge of darkness.
This new series, made by Lebas while walking alone in Rockingham Forest, England, shows the delicate 'nests' of feathers, left behind after a bird has been devoured by another wild animal.
The fragile beauty of Lebas's photographs of these small events belies their alternative function as forensic evidence of a vicious, wild animal kill.’
Greg Hobson, Curator of Photographs at National Media Museum, Bradford(UK).

Chromogenic prints from colour negatives, 40 x 50 cm / 81 x 100 cm

Hidden Nature - Animalism 12 - 2008 Hidden Nature - Animalism 14 - 2008 Hidden Nature - Animalism 13 - 2008    
Hidden Nature - Animalism 15 - 2008 Hidden Nature -Animalism 17 - 2008 Hidden Nature - Animalism 16 - 2008    
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