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Chrystel Lebas


Études - Bel-Val 2008-
Made in response to the Domaine of Bel-Val, in the Ardennes region, affiliated with the Musee de la chasse et de la nature in Paris, the domain is a centre for learning and
exploring nature where an abundance of animals( e.g. deer, stags, wild boar) roam freely.
One view studied at a variation of times and seasons.
Looking at a landscape barely changing, a variation of expectations and observation of a landscape charged with significance
relating to the idea of enclosed nature, a man made nature for man owns purpose.

“Several images in Lebas’ recent series Études – Bel-Val (2008-) echo the blues and the horizontal congregation of the bluebells in the earlier work.
This series respond to the Domaine of Bel-Val in the Ardennes, France, which is a centre for exploring nature where
animals can roam freely, but are none the less contained within an enclosure made for study purposes.
Lebas’ imagery, photographed from the same position at different times of day and year, indicates seasonal change.
The pictorial orderliness, including pairs of trees on each side of the “letterbox” frame, reminds us that parks, zoos, and gardens whilst
retaining some elements of the wild, nonetheless are landscaped environments and as such, highly constructed.
Such imagery invites us to reflect on the extent to which the rhizomatic patterns of vegetation and trees planted to plan actually emulates the
runaway trees, plants and animals of the wild.”
Quoted from Liz Wells’ article Enigmatic Landscapes, published in Exit - Silent Landscapes (38), summer 2010

Chromogenic prints from colour negatives, 86 x 200 cm

Études – Bel-Val – 20 Octobre 2008 – Apres-midi Études – Bel-Val – 21 Octobre 2008 – Matin I Études – Bel-Val – 6 Mars 2009 – Matin I Études – Bel-Val – 6 Mars 2009 – Matin II  
Études – Bel-Val – 6 Mars 2009 – Soir I Études – Bel-Val – 6 Mars 2009 – Soir II Études – Bel-Val – 6 Mars 2009 – Soir III Études – Bel-Val – 7 Mars 2009 – Matin I  
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