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Chrystel Lebas


Between Dog and Wolf 2004-05
The title of this series is also the title of the publication ‘Between Dog and Wolf’ that brings together the series Abyss, Between Dog and Wolf and Blue Hour.
‘Between Dog and Wolf’ isn’t only a French expression for the Twilight Hour, ‘Entre chien et loup’, it is also the moment when twilight embodies the transition from dog to wolf,
when it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between the howling sound coming from the two animals, when the domestic and familiar transform into the wild.
In Finland, Kaamos is the name given to the specific blue light experienced at twilight during the winter, twilight would last approximately four hours and his recorded here in this series.
During the exposure time that lasted one to two hours the sound of a dog barking was heard in a distance or was it a wolf as it was difficult to discern the two animals from one another.

These series question our relationship with a familiar landscape, the images are empty of human presence however this emptiness is connected with the notion of possible stories,
which might be somewhere behind the picture, a story that might be told although leaving the viewer to experience the inexplicable and a possible feeling of insecurity.

Chromogenic prints from colour negatives, 86 x 200 cm


Between Dog and Wolf - Untitled 8 - 2005 Between Dog and Wolf - Untitled 2 - 2005 Between Dog and Wolf - Untitled 10 - 2005    
Between Dog and Wolf - Untitled 9 - 2005 Between Dog and Wolf - Untitled 4- 2005      
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