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Chrystel Lebas


Abyss 2003-06
The forest is a fascinating space; one can feel attracted by its grandeur, or scared by its depth and darkness.
This space of immensity echoes our childhood memories, through fairy-tale or play.
Walking to the forest of my childhood, after many years, I remembered when we used to build a hut, and slowly the light would disappear, and darkness would surround us.
The excitement of being inside this small shelter, protected by large trees, overturned our fears, and instead we felt protected.

To record the forest at night is a nearly impossible task.
As for previous works, Night 2 and Azure, the photographs were taken during twilight, when light is still present outside the confined space of the forest, and darkness has already spread under the trees.
Again using long exposures, the camera records the barely visible forms of the forest at night, making visible to the viewer's eye what would otherwise be shrouded in darkness.
The skylight that breaks through the curtains formed by the trees’ density appears paler, and gives us the sense of an outside world, away from the compact and claustrophobic forest.

Chromogenic prints from colour negatives, 86 x 200 cm

Abyss, Untitled n.1, 2003 Abyss, Untitled n.2, 2003 Abyss, Untitled n.3, 2003 Abyss, Untitled n.7, 2003  
Abyss, Untitled n.9, 2003 Abyss, Untitled n.11, 2003 Abyss, Untitled n.16, 2006    
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