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Chrystel Lebas



Nature Morte, Buffle – 2008 -Autoloop - Autoplay, Video HD, 1'33''- (still)

Looking at the animal looking at us, scrutinizing his gaze during a time when nothing happens.
Here we are confronted with non-action, a moment in time when our expectation is deceived by the fact that we are observing a lifeless and dismal taxidermy,
a representation of ‘what was’ and a possibility to see what we are not suppose to see in nature, a close-up on a Buffalo’s eye, realistically reconstructed, looking at us.

This film was made in the Hunting grounds of Bel-val (Ardennes, France) and in collaboration with the Musée de la chasse et de la nature (Paris),
following an extensive research on human rapport/ relationship with Nature and Wilderness.


©chrystel lebas all rights reserved